Sought-After Int'l Synergy Limited

About Us

SAEstablished in 2011, Sought-After International Synergy Limited has evolved into one of the leading financial and Oil service companies in Nigeria. Registered under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC No. 982325, the company engages in Oil Service and financial services with specialization in purchases and sales of export proceed from local and multinational companies.

We have consistently distinguished ourselves through our customer service, competitive offerings and our value-adding financial advisory services. Through our subsidiaries - Glorious Fortune Nig. Ltd and Feranmi Ventures - we provide ancillary financial services to meet their needs.

Our Mission

Creating an enabling environment for investors and End- users of funds for the Achievement of personal and corporate objectives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to meet Peoples’ financial needs creditably for mutual benefits.

Our Approach

Our organizational structure is built around the concept of a global business designed to compete effectively in the ever-changing, dynamic and challenging real and financial sectors. We are committed to being recognized as a global leader that backs its words with accountable actions and quantifiable results, delivering superior customer service to our clients.

Our People

With over twenty-nine years cumulative experience in the financial industry, our people are highly skilled to cater for your personal and corporate financial needs. Our expertise draws from the wealth of experience of our talents who have had extensive experience in Nigeria’s financial industry. 

We Deliver the World
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